Remote Resourcing



Maintaining in-house teams sure is a tough job. Even if you are willing to keep up with the rising cost of doing business, you will need to face daily issues like workflow fluctuations and occasional issues like staff attrition. Let’s say, you go for freelancers to cut the troubles with in-house teams. It has benefits, but you will need to go through the tedious process starting from short-listing the bulk of profiles, interviews, negotiations and training before you can get started.

Now, let’s say you get past these and you have a bunch of freelancers working for you. Few situations are unavoidable- what if they fall sick, get involved with other projects or decide to go on a vacation? You might be as well required to daily manage freelancers working under different time zones. That is a lot of effort to keep up with each instance.


Why you should hire resources with us

Hiring resources from us simply cut the issues you face maintaining expensive in-house teams or working with freelancers. You get access to a much efficient, productive team working for you remotely. A virtual in-house team you own, but we take care of all the internal housekeeping issues on your behalf.
You have peace of mind and better quality because your remote staff is working exclusively for you. They follow the process standards defined by you and you have direct access to your remote team by phone, skype or email during any time of the business hours and keep track of a daily detailed timesheet.
On your behalf, we physically supervise your staff and ensure the tasks are delivered in time. Moreover, your remote staff is our full time employee working exclusively for you, fluent English speaking, prescreened, trained and provided with a productive work environment.


  • Remote staff working exclusively like your employee, but without the need to handle payrolls
  • No additional office space or hardware investment such as laptops or computers
  • No additional software costs, licensed Operating systems, Office, Internet ready machines
  • Holidays and leave policies as per your full time employees
  • Fluent English speaking employees
  • Work hours as per your time preferences
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