Google Tag Manager Server Side implementation.

Privacy and data protection legislation like GDPR, CCPA, and the move by major technology companies like Google, Apple (who control the major market share for web browsers) will have the third-party cookies going obsolete soon. The clear solution is Google Tag Manager Server Side implementation. Not just solving data compliance, tacking, and measurement problems, GTM server-side tagging will bring benefits beyond.

About google tag manager server-side tagging

Google Tag Manager Server-Side tagging allows brands to move the measurement tags of the website or app from client-side processing container (which is run on the visitor’s browser) to a server-side processing container (run on the brand-owned cloud server) either on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or any other platform of choosing.

Why google tag manager server-side tagging

There are multi-pronged benefits of implementing Server-Side Tagging using Google Tag Manager.

On the data privacy compliance and regulations front, GTM serverside tagging is GDPR and CCPA compliant and are able to successfully covert third-party data to first-party data.

In the context of tracking, Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging circumvents tracking restrictions and offer reliable tracking.

In the context of measurement, it helps solve the age-old problem: data gaps in the conversion paths, which has made it difficult to understand the customer’s purchase journey and advertise profitably to them.

Why should you use server side tag management system?

Slow-loading website
Low conversion rates Tracking issues
GDPR, CCPA data compliance issues Analytics spam
End of third party cookies
Data, measurement gaps Ineffective content-security policy
No control over data sent to analytics vendors
Google Tag Manager Server-side Implementation

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Benefits of google tag manager server-side tagging

Faster website

Your website will load faster than ever, bringing a delightful experience for your customers and improving your conversion rates. Faster load and performance made possible with reduced browser load.

The first-party context for cookies

No more data and privacy concerns around GDPR and CCPA on third-party cookies. The third-party cookies changes to firstparty cookies with this implementation model.

Reliable tracking

Tracking restrictions in place with major browsers like Chrome, Safari are taken care of with GTM serverside tagging.

Full control over the data

You are in control of the incoming measurement data and the outgoing data to different vendor endpoints. Sensitive information can be cleaned before sending it to vendors.

Improve Content-Security Policies

The effectiveness of Content-Security Policies (CSP) is improved and the maintenance efforts needed of a CSP is reduced.

No more data gaps

You are in control of the data and measurement, there are no more missing data in the user journey and conversion paths.

Hide tracking IDs and secret API keys

Stop analytics spams entirely, where spammers send bad data to your analytics properties. Tracking IDs and API keys no longer have to be exposed on the Client-Side.

You are in good hands

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Our services

End to end Google Tag Manager Server-Side Implementation, Migration & Maintenance

The Analytics Team at Ayruz is experienced in end-to-end GTM server-side tagging implementation, migration, and maintenance.

The process starts with an audit of the existing tags and the existing implementation, migrating GTM tags and/or traditional analytics and/or other tag management system to the GTM server-side tagging. The brand objectives, along with the existing tag audit by our Analytics Team should facilitate a smooth migration. Every GTM server-side tag will be tested against client objectives and audit documents. The finally be verified before it goes live.

Our team interacts closely with the client to ensure that each of the brand’s measurement objectives is implemented within the GTM server-side system. If you need a free consultation on GTM server-side tagging, feel free to book a meeting now.

Enter Cookie-Less World Boldly

and stay compliant to GDPR and CCPA

Our Contributions to Server Side Tag Manager Community Template Gallery

A few tag Templates powered by Ayruz

Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging Consulting & Training

Ayruz Analytics Team is also happy to offer onsite and offsite training, consulting, and workshops to train your analytics team and stakeholders on Google Tag Manager server-side tagging. You may book a free consultation with us to know more.