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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation (MA) can be defined as a process wherein repetitive manual marketing processes and tasks such as sending emails, posting social media updates, publishing blog articles are automated with the help of specific tools & software.

Key Functionalities/Features Of Marketing Automation Softwares:

The primary purpose of using Marketing Automation Softwares would be to streamline your marketing process and make it useful. Let us discuss in detail the key functionalities/features that should be included in your organization’s marketing automation software.

Lead Management

The marketing automation software that you are considering should handle the entire lead nurturing process, right from lead information to lead scoring to lead assigning efficiently. It should allow the marketing and sales team to work together to gather more leads, nurture them effectively, and also increase the lead to customer ratio.

Email Campaigns

The ideal MA should offer you an end-to-end email campaign functionality, which will assist you in your email campaigns. These days, all major customer communication – from initial contact to purchase discussion to product queries session – are done through emails. To have a centralized and continuous communication medium, you need to have a feature that allows you to schedule email campaigns and improve your customer interaction process.

Social Marketing

Your marketing automation software should ideally provide social media automation as well as a key feature. You can easily integrate your organization’s social media channels with the MA software enabling you to publish content in the channel, track and analyze your customer’s activities and interaction with your accounts, etc. from a single platform instead of going from channel to channel.

Real-time Alerts

Your MA software should offer real-time automatic alerts to be sent to the internal team members or to other teams with whom you collaborate with. If at any time, any workflow requires some action, an automatic alert can be sent to the respective members to perform/complete the activity. This feature is mainly an important one when the marketing team pushes leads to the sales table and requires them to act.

Basic Organized Workflow

The marketing automation tool should provide easy workflow creation and management.
As the bottom line is to increase productivity and have an organized process, it is essential to have a planned workflow that is easy to follow and optimize.

Trigger Response

There should be necessary features in your MA tool that allows you to provide real-time responses to your customers/prospects. Every response needs to be prompt because even five minutes delay can lead to losing a customer opportunity.

Customized Templates

Since most of the communication is done through emails and newsletters these days. Having an automation software which allows the user to customize the emails and newsletters and create new templates will be beneficial.

Personalized Messaging

With the help of certain Marketing Automation software, you can send personalized canned emails easily. Having such software will enable you to personalize the emails and ensure that they do not look like canned emails.


For Your Marketing Automation Needs

With so many options available, finding an effective Marketing Automation platform that will help you to scale your business and provide you with all the tools you require for nurturing the leads and convert them into the business is a challenge. That is why we always recommend HubSpot to our customers.

HubSpot is an advanced inbound marketing and marketing automation platform which centralizes all your marketing efforts to improve traffic and conversions. HubSpot will be a good fit for those businesses who are exploring ways to expand their revenue using a comprehensive set of tools which cover everything from marketing, sales, service and also enable you to track ROI and customer happiness.

In the HubSpot Product Suite, three different products cater to the three main divisions of an organization; marketing, sales, and service. These products are Marketing Hub, Sales Hub & Service Hub. If you are facing any difficulty in figuring out whether you require a marketing automation platform or you need to evaluate whether HubSpot would be a good fit for optimizing your business, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be happy to spend some time with you over a cup of coffee.

Why Pay for a CRM When This One Is Free?

Even if HubSpot has separate products for your Sales, Service, Marketing needs along with Marketing Automation, what makes it truly different from similar players is the fact that it comes with a free CRM that you can use as per your convenience. Yes, it is 100% free forever. With the help of Free CRM, you can:

  • Effortlessly manage the entire sales pipeline.
  • Automatically log the activities such as email, calls, meetings social posts for better management.
  • Learn everything about your contact at a single glance

Keep in touch with your customers and prospects in real time.


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Marketing Automation makes Ayruz’s inbound marketing service possible. It boosts up every element of content marketing & lead generation giving us the opportunity to verify the results and raise your growth. We, Ayruz is dedicated to helping organizations succeed with Inbound Marketing.

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