Who Are We?

We are a data-driven digital marketing and data consulting agency with roots in South India and the Philadelphia, USA.

At Ayruz, we exist to solve big problems with big data, deliver actionable insights and accurate foresight, propel innovation and decision-making at the big names in the retail, e-commerce and tourism sectors. We conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s marketing challenges and come up with comprehensive solutions for those challenges and work hand-in-hand with the client in obtaining the desired results.

Our team has over a decade long expertise in the Digital Marketing and Media Industry. We are a well-balanced team of data scientists, advertisers, statisticians, visualisers and programmers who strive to provide the best service to our clients.


Our team

Sanil Subhash Chandra Bose


Kenney Jacob


Nivin Xavier

Director - Digital Marketing

Chembaka A

Human Resource Manager

Anil Kumar KP

Senior Manager - Digital Marketing

Vishak N Kumar

Senior Manager - Search Marketing

Anoop Sebastian

Marketing Communications Executive

Mithun M

Senior Developer

Sunaina Hamid

Digital Marketing

Sravan M K

Data Developer

Midhun B

Senior Developer

Ann Sabeena John

Data Analyst

Ancy Thankachan

Data Research Analyst

Sooraj Kumar KN

Manager - Client Servicing

Fajas Ahmed

Data Research Analyst

Sreelakshmi Pillai

Data Research Analyst

Reynold Doss

Junior Developer

Nikitha R S

Search Marketing

Jobbin George

Data Research Analyst

Vivek S Nair

Data Research Analyst

Rincy Raju

Data Research Analyst

Ujesh Krishnan

Search Marketing

Revathy Hemanth

Digital Marketing

Nikhil Paul

Data Research Analyst

Telxon C R

Search Marketing

Hari Sankar

Data Analyst

Vishnu Prakash

Data Research Analyst