About Us

We are data-driven digital marketing and data consulting firm. We exist to solve big problems with big data, deliver actionable insights and accurate foresights, propel innovation and decision-making at the big names in the retail, e-commerce and tourism sectors.

Everyday, we disrupt status quo thinking, do everything data and deliver. Over a decade expertise in the Digital marketing and Media industry, we are a team of data scientists, statisticians, visualisers and programmers.


2016:Started Operations in the USA.

2015:Swiss Operations Started.

2014:Ayruz Web Holdings is re-branded to Ayruz Data Marketing.

2011:Launched WordZo, language enhancement app. Product launch by Shashi Tharoor, former External Affairs (2009–2010) and Human Resource Development (2012–2014) Minister, Government of India and twice elected Member of Parliament.

2010:Started operations in the UK and served many small medium scale business.

2009:Signed first contract with Stark Communications to help Digital Marketing for Kerala Tourism.

2008:Inception- Ayruz Web Holdings. Our directors took the next big move after placing their first venture, MobMe Wireless in the paths of success.