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Enhancing your Packaging for better Consumer Engagement

The need for consumer engagement & loyalty campaigns Customer engagement and loyalty programs are not new and have been an age-old global phenomenon in industries varying from finance to automobile

Five tips for running an effective consumer engagement campaign!

Suppose you’re a brand owner of an FMCG company, an e-commerce company, or an FMEG company that directly sells its products or services to consumers. In that case, you certainly

QR Codes: What are those? What are the different types of QR codes?

Ever wondered what makes QR codes unique? Over the pandemic days, you might have come across several types of contactless payment modes which assist in maintaining social distancing, such as

What is Facebook Conversion API (Facebook CAPI) Server-Side Tag?

As you are aware, after the Apple iOS 14.5 update which was rolled out with option for the users to opt out of tracking, your Facebook Pixel is unable to

Improve the page-load speed of your brand website with Google Tag Manager Server-Side Tagging

If your brand is all about providing a great experience for your audience, then you understand the importance of a faster loading website like we do.  Page Load Speed Matter:

Death of 3rd-Party Cookies: How to convert 3rd-party cookies to 1st-party?

I presume, by now, you are already aware that the 3rd-party cookies are being killed. Mozilla has axed 3rd-party cookies on Firefox (RIP: September 3, 2019), and Apple followed suit

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