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What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics [GA] is a tool which is a part of the Google Marketing Platform that provides a complete insight of your website visitors and mobile app usage. It’s the eyes which the digital marketing department uses to navigate the online world without which marketing decisions cannot be taken wisely. Developing a mobile app is a great way to connect customers for your business. While creating an app, make sure it reaches optimal performance. Google analytics as well as Firebase Analytics are both great tool to help to monitor your app’s success.

Ayruz Digital Marketing Agency have an experienced and certified team of GA experts to help you implement it properly on your website, give training to your employees if necessary and also provide consultation on your existing implementation and help you derive the most value out of your website or mobile application.

Benefits Of Using Google Analytics


Free to use

One of the major benefits of using Google Analytics is that it is completely free to use. There are numerous other analytics tools available that work similar to Google Analytics; however, all of them charge a premium as subscription charges.

Easy integration with Google Ads

Google Ads and Google Analytics, both these tools are really important for marketers who are in the lookout to grow their business. While both have individual strengths, linking Analytics and Ads together lets the professional to properly set up goal tracking, conversion tracking and see how effective the ad campaigns prove to be.

Customer Segmentation

With the help of Google Analytics, we can easily segment the visitors in many ways, such as location, the device used, gender, time spent on each page, demographics, visitors who came to the site on a particular time, etc. With this information, we can optimize the campaigns that are being planned and come up with better solutions to get more visitors to the site.


Goal Setup

In Google Analytics, we have an option to set up required goals that are in sync with our marketing requirements. For example, if we want to know how many visitors are clicking on a particular button given in the site, the clicks on that button can be defined as a goal and afterward, the number of clicks would be tracked and shown as a separate report. This would help a great deal while running ad campaigns having specific goals.


Conversion Tracking

With the help of Google Analytics, you can fix certain events as conversions and then track whenever those events occur separately. For example, if our desired action is to place a lead on the website, then the lead generation event can be set as an event and it can be tracked separately. It will help us in calculating the ROI and effectiveness of the campaign.


Customized Automated Reports

Marketing teams and management always needs reports to take decisions. With Google Analytics we can create customized report templates that will run every day or week or month and send you the report automatically. This eliminates the need to manually look into the analytics every time you need to know what is happening with the traffic on your site. In the Google Analytics reports the IP addresses will not be available. There are privacy issues available with collecting and sharing IP address information. A long time ago Google decided not to share or store this information and given the developments in internet privacy regulations.

Google Analytics Agency For E-commerce

Google Analytics comes with special features dedicated to E-commerce website owners and marketing heads. Through GA, we can track the traffic sessions, correlate that data with the sales, bounce rate, traffic sources, landing pages, etc. Armed with this information you can determine the effectiveness of your traffic sources, your marketing channels, and your website pages. Ecommerce measurement allows measuring the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. Once the user clicks on the purchase button in the browser, the user’s details such as purchase information are given to the webserver which includes the transaction. If it is successful, the server redirects to the “Thank You” or success page with transaction details and a receipt of the purchase. You can use analytics.js library to send the commerce data from the thank you page to Google analytics.

Ayruz Google Analytics Services



Even though a Google Analytics implementation looks straight forward, in most cases it’s not set up properly. Proper implementation of GA requires supervision from a seasoned marketing professional who is GA certified. An audit will look at the data which is being tracked for integrity, quality, and maturity.

Strategy and Implementation

Based on the business and the purpose of the website a strategy will be defined to implement Google Analytics. At this stage, we will define the reports the business requires to take decisions, the data we need to track to enable us to take those decisions and how to capture that data using GA.


Monitoring and Reporting

As your analytics collects data, Ayruz Google analytics agency will monitor it and provide you with reports that are relevant to your business. There reports will help you take key business decisions.



Any Google analytics implementation requires continuous optimization as we learn more about the traffic and the business. These optimizations help you stay on top of the business.

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