• Client: M2All
  • Year: 2017
  • Department: Future Digital

To give you a short introduction about the great Mahindra Empire – it is a collection of various diversified companies that are united by a common purpose, i.e., to majorly builds three things: Products, Services, and Possibilities!

Based in Mumbai and with a team of over 200,000 people spread across more than 100 countries, the $16.9 billion Mahindra Group majorly operates in the key industries that drive economic growth and also holds a leadership position in sectors such as Utility Vehicles, Information Technology, Tractors, Vacation Ownership, Automotive Industry, Aerospace, Consulting Services, Defence, Energy, Financial Services, Logistics, Real Estate, Retail, and Two Wheelers.

In 2014, Mahindra Group was also featured on the Forbes Global 2000 list, as one of the world’s largest, most powerful public companies, and had also received the Financial Times ‘Boldness in Business’ Award in the ‘Emerging Markets’ category in 2013 as well.

More recently, intending to expand its reach further, Mahindra Group has also capitalized on the E-Commerce opportunity and has decided to bring all the offerings of their 145+ companies from 18 industries, under one roof called – M2All.com.

What is m2all.com?

Launched in September 2015 and owned, operated and managed Mahindra eMarket Limited: M2ALL.com is a one-stop-shop on the internet, where you can find information, enquire or buy almost all Mahindra Group products and services be it related to vehicles, agriculture, energy, finance, leisure, real estate, retail or business services at your convenience.

At this initial stage, M2ALL.com has begun by offering products such as – Retail and Merchandise, Business Services, Vehicles, Financial Services, Agriculture, Leisure, and Power Solutions.

This excludes their brand offerings such as – Mahindra First Choice Services, Mahindra Lifespaces, Mahindra Two Wheelers, Mahindra Powerol, Bristlecone, Mahindra Aerospace, Mahindra Agri, Mahindra Automotive, Mahindra Defense, and many more…!

Brands Offered By Them

At this point the portal majorly sells their brands and products, but going ahead, in the near future, they not only plan to enable all Mahindra Group businesses to sell their products and services on M2ALL but will also give other manufacturers and sellers of complementary products and services, this unique platform to reach out to their customers.

These merchants along with with the brands under the Mahindra Group will get the benefit of their superior E-Commerce platform, UI expertise, reliable payment facility, back-end integration with business ERP systems, and support services such as unmatched marketing expertise, digital marketing, data analytics, logistics and call center services.

Currently, out of 31 of Mahindra Group’s brands, only 5 have virtual stores on the marketplace, where customers can browse through more than 400 Mahindra products and services and order over 40 of them, but the rest of the pending brands shall also be made available within the next two years as well.

Yes, they have entered the E-Commerce market recently, but they have remained in the Tech industry with Tech Mahindra for a very long time, and in fact, also hold a leadership position in the market.

It is a $3.5 Billion company that is one of the leading providers of solutions and services in the Information Communications and Technology sector and caters to numerous Fortune 500 companies as well.



Ayruz made m2all grow in their digital marketing field within the time span of 3 months. The m2all.com ranked in higher positions in organic traffics and their organic revenue upheld with 167%. The graph below shows how m2all picked up in Google by ranking up in Organic Traffic and in Paid Search.



New Activities(Social Media & Search)

    1. Launching Mahindra Thar.
    2. Launching Mahindra SUV.
    3.  Guerrilla marketing.

Basically, they intend to combine an enhanced buying experience of E-Commerce along with the trust and reliability associated with the Mahindra Group.

To sum it all up – the idea is to bring Mahindra World on a digital platform! And we SUCCEEDED the Challenge!



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