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Saavn’s Brand marketing Strategy with Ranbir Kapoor

Posted by on May 21st, 2015

Saavn is a music streaming website of English, Bollywood and regional Indian music. Though it was launched in the year 2006, the brand got its name coming up after a certain period of time with their effort to produce better experience to the people who used it.   RANBIR KAPOOR AS CREATIVE PROM...

The IoT, Big Data And The Digital Universe – Future Of Connected World

Posted by on December 12th, 2014

Imagine, if you would, you wake up at the soothing rays of the morning sun on your face. The shades on the east side of your bedroom decided to louver automatically few moments before you planned to get up. Well, that’s here already and I’m glad to talk about it because I have been a window [&h...

How the learning capacity of human beings vary listening to long lectures?

Posted by on November 15th, 2014

“Are you with me?”, the obvious way a teacher measures the attentiveness of students. The long-established question takes its place more prominent in classrooms these days. It seems that most of the new generation lecturers find it alarming that getting student attention is increasingly difficul...

Sania Mirza Vs Hugh Jackman – Who give more ROI to an Indian brand?

Posted by on November 12th, 2014

We are always searching for something, if you know what someone is searching for then you understand him better. If you can know what a nation is searching for then you can make a killing out of it. I help companies make that killing and I make living out of it. Its called search trend […]...

This is how an aspiring data scientist buys a second hand car

Posted by on October 29th, 2014

I’ve been wanting to buy a Honda city ever since I saw a modified one owned by a friend. So I started looking for a good deal, and as any other person would do I went over to Google and started searching. Obviously I ended up in those second hand car listing sites. Those sites […]...