How Ayruz helped Oldcastle Infrastructure to create a new user experience for their CPQ-based customer portal?

Author : Luana Ide

Insight by: Luana Ide

Oldcastle Infrastructure is the leading provider of engineered products and accessories for building and construction in the USA. They are part of CRH Plc (LSE: CRH), the world’s leading building materials business. Together, they go beyond their products and services and bring value to the community, building not just physical structures but also a better society.

Keeping in mind the core business and values of Oldcastle, Ayruz USA collaborated with the Oldcastle team to build a tool aligned with these goals.


The objective:

Ayruz advantageously brings industry knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the client’s business and how to improve the metrics that matter, keeping the client’s overall business objectives central. With that in mind, the CPQ tools and everything that tags along with it became a solution mastered by the Ayruz team, facilitating teamwork, improving customer experience, and accelerating the process that usually takes more time and effort.

Oldcastle had a legacy configurator portal in which customers could make product configurations, but the users were facing numerous issues in accomplishing their needs. With that in mind, Ayruz weaved a strategy that:

  • Understands and resolve bad user experiences;
  • Address key customer needs with the new Portal;
  • Look through the customer lens and understand their behavior. We practice the “Think like a Customer” mindset, understand the manufacturing activities, the products,  their application, the information customers seek before purchasing these tools, and map the consumer journey in its entirety;
  • Navigation that enables the guided purchase of stormwater products;
  • Develop best practices, guidelines;
  • Execute UX, UI, and layout best practices;
  • Capture and track leads via Salesforce;


The Process:

To start this project, Ayruz first interviewed stakeholders and understood their experience with the existing Portal and their pain points; then, it was necessary to talk to Oldcastle Engineers to understand the business requirements and acquires the knowledge to understand and build a better Portal based on their workflows and user flows.

To come up with the best solution, Ayruz created a UX concept based on product specificities and validated the design work with stakeholders. Wireframes were presented during the whole project, bringing visual designs in all steps of development and continuous work along with the CPQ agency to translate design concepts into functional solutions.

A weekly meeting with Oldcastle stakeholders ensured everybody was on the same page during the entire project by testing and validating the solutions. The customer-centric project had expectations, and Ayruz made sure to meet them.


Top-down user experience approach

Oldcastle Top-down user experience approach

The experience Ayruz delivered on the Portal on the Oldcastle website speaks for itself.

To illustrate further, Ayruz started with the User Dashboard, giving the customer the possibility to easily see and follow their many projects:

Design Tool Portal

Based on the Customer Portal Experience Ayruz designed a Dashboard focusing on the user needs.

After having identified the user need, a System Parameter (Image from Maxwell Tool) was also developed and designed accordingly:


It is essential to mention that Ayruz not only did the user-centric layout, UX and UI, but the Ayruz team had knowledge about the complex engineered Tools functionalities and their applications. That means that every box included in this System Parameters is based on the customer’s needs: to know about the water quality volume, the flow rate, minimum allowed depth, and compliance particularities of each state.

It is not just about what we can see in the pages developed for Oldcastle Infrastructure; it is also about the mindset behind it, compliance rules for each region, and tools parameters for customers’ buildings and construction.


Layout (Image from StormCapture Tool)


Features (image from TerraMod tool)

Like every project Ayruz undertakes, we take ownership and go well beyond the finishing line.

The goal was to revamp a legacy configurator Portal for customers, and Ayruz deep-dived into it. In the end, the selling of products and capturing/tracking leads through Salesforce exceeded customer expectations.

The bottom line is, Ayruz doesn’t merely treat the customer or a project in a typical sense. Instead, Ayruz works closely as a partner with industry and business experience. And in this case, Ayruz did not just build a Customer Portal, but a Customer and Sales Solution, a productive system with a quality layout, adding value to all the stakeholders involved with the tool.

Social Media Post from Oldcastle


Mark Skinner

Mark Skinner, Sr Manager Digital Marketing

“Ayruz has been our partner leading the UI/UX design for our newly enhanced suite of CPQ digital tools. Sanil and his team have a deep understanding of our manufacturing industry and is familiar with the complexity of our products.  Ayruz has been instrumental to the design of our tools allowing our customers to configure their products to meet jobsite requirements, and deliver an overall outstanding digital experience.”

Main Highlights:


To develop a new Portal that has all the customers’ needs attended to, understanding not only Oldcastle core business, but also their customer’s behavior and their journey in entirety.


Oldcastle Vendor since 2021

Industry’s most complete and user-oriented Portal

User-centric design, UX, and UI. Enable faster customer quotation and access to quality information, accelerating and simplifying the process for the Sales team. A work tool for both sides: customers and the business.

If you are looking for a vendor for your digital needs who understands your industry, business, and goals and who comes with a partner mindset, you can talk to us at Ayruz to discern the value we bring.

We dedicate time to understanding your activities and needs, putting your customers in the center, and then bringing you solutions to the problems and helping execute them. Talk to us for a free consultation.

From VOC, and VOS, to developing portals, revamping websites to digital strategy, marketing data intelligence, and planning, Ayruz brings a 360º overview of your business and helps accelerate your growth by leveraging digital.

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