How Managed Remote Resourcing Helps You Save Big?

Author : Anoop Sebastian

Insight by: Anoop Sebastian

‘How to Save Money’ is a title that always looks interesting to everyone. From individuals to corporate companies, everyone is in pursuit of this. With the help of coupons, limited time offers, etc. individuals can save some from their retails. But for a company that is looking to fill a job position with a talented person, it doesn’t seem very easy. Hiring the right talent for the job and managing the talent is always a challenging task, and of course, yes, it will blast off a decent amount from your company budget too. However, by opting for Managed Remote Resourcing, you can always be one step ahead to achieve a cost-effective and hassle-free talent management.

What is Managed Remote Resourcing?

In simple words, we can say that Managed Remote Resourcing is the process of hiring and managing remotely working employees for a company. Agencies offering remote resourcing will take the burden of hiring and maintaining the employees for the company. It includes finding the right talent for the job, doing preliminary interviews for the company, creating a suitable work environment, and doing their payrolls for the company. The company need not take any headaches on the hiring and maintaining of their workforce.

Benefits of Managed Remote Resourcing

1. Reduced Business Cost

Maintaining an in-house team is always an expensive task for the company. From the hiring stage itself, the company has to set aside a considerable amount of money from its budget. There are chances to find difficulty in getting the right person for the job with the in-house HR team. Therefore, the next best alternative is to seek help from online platforms and professional agencies. And of course, they will hit us with their figure. Once you finalize the right fit for your job, comes the other major roadblock, you have to get a place for that person to work. Running & maintaining an office space is not as simple as it says. Sometimes a professional would be required to run the office space, and do the payrolls for the employees, which brings up the spent scale again.

By choosing managed remote resourcing, the company will get the perk of reduced running cost. No need to worry about the hiring cost, office expenses, payrolls, etc. The remote resourcing agency will do these tasks for the company. Getting the right person, giving a better environment to work are their responsibilities.

2. Reduced Employee Cost

A professionally skilled employee is always an asset to the company; however, the cost incurred is always high for that. Various studies have proven that for hiring and retaining an employee with the organization, the company will have to spend 125% of the actual salary. If it is a highly skilled resource, the cost might even go higher. Having a managed remote team set up where skilled resources are abundant will help to bring down the cost of hiring to a great extent.

3. Speed up the processes

Remote resourcing not only save your money, but it can also save a lot more time in the process of hiring and onboarding talents. Hiring in-house talents can be a time-consuming task. Searching and finding the best person for the job is the first step and it will take more time if you have a larger number of requirements. Once you find the person, you have to do interviews to vet the shortlisted candidates. Sometimes the number of interviews will be higher to vet them properly. Those who complete will meet the onboarding procedure. This stage got all the paper works and bank jobs. The time taken for all these will be more in most cases if you are dealing with the in-house HR team.

With managed remote resourcing, you can accelerate the speed of the entire process. There will be a dedicated team to handle each stage of the hiring process. The professionals will do the interviews and will do all the onboarding process on behalf of the company with a very short predetermined time period.

4. Improved productivity.

Office administration, payrolls, employees’ grievances are very tough to handle. Getting into these headaches can possibly make a slight shift from project goals. This will badly affect the productivity of each employee. When a remote resourcing agency handles all the running headaches, the company can completely focus on the project goals and lead them to achieve it. By providing a comfortable environment without any distractions can make a remote employee more productive. Also, a study showed that 53% of those who work remote has exhibited the tendency to work overtime while comparing with 28% of in house employees.

5. Global Talent Pool

It’s always hard to find the best fit for your job position. It will be even harder if you want a commuter with a specific skill set. If you go for remote resourcing, then you can reap the benefits of the global talent pool. Like in any other search, if you add more filter to the search you will end up with limited options. If you need a skilled commuter then definitely you will be stuck up with fewer candidates. But if you remove the commuter filter, then you can get a better talent pool and this is possible only with managed remote resourcing. You can find skilled employees from Philadelphia and Baltimore even if your company located in New York. And if you are short in a fund for the employee, then you could find the same skilled person from India on a lower pay scale too.

Managed Remote Resourcing won’t work in place there needed a hand on labor. If you do not fall into this category then remote resourcing can give you a great competitive advantage. Apart from the above advantages, it gives more flexibility in upscaling and descaling of the workforce with the help of an experienced team. The majority of employers agree that remote work has a great role to play employee retention. While considering all these points, undoubtedly we can say Managed remote resourcing can save big for your business.

If you are interested to explore more, feel free to download our white paper on Managed Remote Resourcing and understand how we can help you in achieving your business goals

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