What To Know About Inbound Marketing Funnel? – Infographics

Author : Nikhitha RS

Insight by: Nikhitha RS

Most business professionals should be familiar with the concept of the funnel model. A digital marketing related counterpart of the same would be the Inbound Marketing Funnel. This model is a great way to represent the path of a prospect, to a lead, and finally to a customer, all the while tracking the entire sales process. It tells you what exactly the marketing message is supposed to be, and when and where to market those. The inbound strategy built on the funnel model works well as it equally benefits both the marketers as well as the clients. You can see the funnel-shaped model given below, which is broken up into three parts: To-Fu(Top of the Funnel), Mo-Fu(Middle of the Funnel), and Bo-Fu(Bottom of the Funnel).


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