Five tips for running an effective consumer engagement campaign!

Author : Sooraj Kumar

Insight by: Sooraj Kumar

Suppose you’re a brand owner of an FMCG company, an e-commerce company, or an FMEG company that directly sells its products or services to consumers. In that case, you certainly know how crucial customer data is for your brand, correct? From time to time, you will have to ensure that the vision put forward by your company is in sync with the requirements of your customers. Only then can you be sure that the product or the brand you represent will be capable of scaling more heights.

To maintain an ongoing, evolving relationship with the consumers, a brand can opt for many mediums, such as:

  • Work with intermediaries such as dealers or distributors to collect customer insights.
  • Hire an independent consultancy to interview customers spread across specific pre-defined demographics
  • Conduct consumer engagement and awareness campaigns that interact directly with the end consumer.


The most effective way to build a relationship with the end consumer is to conduct engagement and awareness campaigns that interact directly with them without intermediaries. Let us discuss the key points a brand owner, such as yourself, can keep in mind when running a consumer awareness campaign.


Have simple steps for participation

Simplify Steps for Participation 

It may seem like a straightforward step; however, most of the time, failure to not complying with this step has proven fatal to engagement campaigns run by many brands. Furthermore, if the engagement campaign involves many steps for the consumer to complete, there is a high chance of getting bored before completing the tasks and dropping out. Therefore, we can witness higher completion rates if we simplify the steps.


Have an exciting rewards structure

Have an exciting rewards structure

When running a consumer engagement campaign, we must clarify what the consumer receives. There are many ways with which we can reward the consumer, such as:

  • The overall experience itself
  • Chance to act as ambassadors for the brand
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Free Samples
  • Mega Prizes

If the gratification is not appealing, there are high chances for consumers to lose interest in participation quickly, and it can also result in drop-offs. 


Have a user-friendly medium for interaction

Have an user friendly interface for ensuring participation

Suppose you’re running an engagement campaign surrounding your FMCG product and wish to direct people to a particular microsite. There are many ways you can achieve the same. You can:

  • Conduct print campaigns where you can display the URL for sharing with the customer.
  • Post the URL in your social media feeds.
  • Print the URL in your product packaging for users to type in their browsers.
  • Display a dynamic QR code in the product packaging that is generated using customizable QR code generators like dynaQR, which Ayruz powers.

If you’re looking for the most convenient medium for running an engagement/awareness campaign, then displaying a QR code on the product would be the right way to proceed. It is because the user need not type in the URL, or the brand does not have to chase the consumer with the link.


Have a kick-ass style of presenting content

Have a kickass style of presenting contentIn consumer engagement campaigns, brands often check all aspects above, but they accidentally ignore the content written for communicating with the audience. It would be rather plain or uninteresting and will not generate a sense of excitement in the audience for participation. Sometimes, the text content will be exciting; however, the way it is presented, the design, etc., will be uninteresting. That also can dampen the excitement of the participant. Finding the right mix of engaging content and kick-ass visual elements can be critical for pumping up the excitement level of participants.


Have an always-on support mechanism

 When brands often run consumer engagement mechanisms, customers will encounter glitches or need additional support from the organizers to resolve their queries correctly.

Have an always on Support System

Sometimes, their entry may not be accepted, or a gift voucher didn’t reach them due to technical issues.

At those times, if a proper support mechanism is in place, customers will get prompt resolutions, and that pleasant experience, in turn, will aid in turning that customer into a loyal one.

The prime objective for a brand, while executing a consumer engagement campaign, must be to forge a lasting relationship with its loyal customers. If you’re looking for ways to engage with your customers, feel free to write to us by clicking here. We’d love to discuss and assist you in developing your next kick-ass engagement campaign!


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