5 Ways Brands Can Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Author : Revathy Hemant Kumar

Insight by: Revathy Hemant Kumar

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has been the biggest shock to the lives and livelihoods in nearly a century. Things have become particularly challenging for many businesses and startups as well. The pandemic puts forward an unprecedented outcome from shutting down the factories to the global stock market crash. However, as we’ve no cure found yet, the least we could do is get on embracing the new normality.

One of the critical revolutions that sprouted along digitalization was the scope of sales and marketing in digital space. Digital marketing provides an excellent way to either continue with your business’s functioning or start a new brand, even with less to no prior experience. With society adjusting to the new situations, it is necessary for the brands/businesses to re-strategize their mode of marketing around online platforms to reach more audiences and stand out from the competition. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss a few ways to reinvent your marketing strategies: 

1. Use social media platforms to connect with your target audiences


Whether you are an established businessman or a budding entrepreneur, opening accounts in all the major online social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram will help you build prior connections with your target audiences. These interactions may not always mean that you get new customers. However, your brand or the services you provide may reach a bigger audience as a result of these. 

You can also connect with your regular customers by showing your recent products or any newly added feature via social media platforms. 

2. Be Innovative


Traditional marketing methods may not be successful in social media platforms, as there are millions of unique users in these. So plan innovative ways to reach out to the mass by understanding your target audiences’ geographical features and individual preferences. Attract them to your products or services so that your interactions will focus more on the audiences’ needs, which will result in a better chance of getting new customers. For brands, it is a unique opportunity to think outside the box and create innovative ideas that enable them to come forward and make a difference in this digital platform.

3. Rethink Offerings


A rapid change in consumer behavior and market dynamics pose a challenge when it comes to marketing your brand online. Hence, you must prioritize the customer experience now more than ever. As a responsible brand, take your audiences through your services and prove that you are a reliable source. Monitor brand communications all the time, and learn to quickly adapt to the changes required from the audience’s or buyer’s side.

4. Strengthen Your Digital Presence


According to Forbes, internet use has surged by 50-60% during this phase compared to regular times. People are using online platforms more than ever before. Hence, redesigning and enhancing your online presence is an effective way that might attract people to your brand. Engage with your targeted audience by various means such as collaborations, advertisements, and give-aways’/contests.

5. Solve Pertinent Issues


As a brand, you must also focus on reaching out to your existing customers to clear their queries and worries. This starts by informing your customers in a systematic way about how the pandemic will affect the way they avail your services or buy your products. Offer a sense of assurance before they come to you with queries, which will result in a long run customer relationship.

For the sustainable growth of your brand in the digital platform, you should also focus on the technical aspects of digital marketing. This includes monitoring the keyword rankings, increasing organic traffic, and regularly revising the content strategies concerning the situation around. Brands should focus more on the current situation than the general statistics, revenues, and returns, without losing their core service. After all, any brand’s primary responsibility is to provide real value to your customers, with empathy and compassion.

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