HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise Rolls out Exciting New Features

Author : Anoop Sebastian

Insight by: Anoop Sebastian

We all know that HubSpot is the best inbound marketing & sales platform that is designed to help a business to attract, convert and delight its customers. HubSpot delivers a large number of tools to its partners which has the capability to help in each part of a customer journey. Creating pages, blogs, social posts, email sequencing, interaction with customers, campaign analysis, tracking the behavior of users, and lot more can be done with the help of those tools offered by HubSpot.

An addition to it’s existing marketing enterprise tools they have added a new set of features this January 2020. In this blog, we will be giving you a brief on some of the new features established by the HubSpot. These new features make it easy to get better work done by focusing more on flexibility, power, and useability.

1. Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

What is multi-touch attribution reporting? This can be explained better by comparing single touch revenue attribution with multi-touch revenue attribution. A single touch revenge attribution in which the credits are given to a single touchpoint for the revenue generated. For example, if a company generates revenue (sales) by an online ad campaign, then the whole credit for that revenue will be given to that campaign. But in most cases, the online campaign will be the first touchpoint, after that there will be sales efforts to convert those leads generated from the campaign to customers. So in single touch revenue attribution, these sales efforts are not considered.

The leads generated from a campaign might not get converted into a customer all the time. Whatever the efforts are taken to convert a lead into a customer is vital. Likewise, the touchpoints between these leads and customers are also vital. With the help of multi-touch revenue attribution reporting, we can see which touchpoint of that entire revenue generation process drives more value to the company. HubSpot made this complex task easy to its partners and helps them to make smart decisions on investing time and money in specific channels and campaigns wisely.

2. AI-Powered Adaptive Testing

Adaptive testing or A/B testing is long been used by businesses to find the best performing page from the two, A and B. Creating 2 pages and showing them randomly to the users for a period of time, and at the end of the period choosing the best from the two with the help of statistical significance. HubSpot has pointed out 2 pain points in it. Number one, all these are done manually. Creation of the page, tracking the results, finding the statistical significance and at last finding the winner, all done manually. Number two, the conversion you are loosing from the least performing page over the test period.

The new AI-powered adaptive testing can fix these 2 pain points and it’s a big win for its partners. You can create up to 5 variations and the first problem is solved because the adaptive testing is no longer manual, and uses the Artificial Intelligence model to choose the winner. The second problem is solved as it gets optimized in the process. Instead of going 50%-50% traffic for each page at the test period, it shows the better performing page to more traffic gradually over the period and fading out the poor performer at the end to choose the successor. This will be a great advantage to agencies and companies who are giving more importance to better user experience.

3. Higher Capacity

HubSpot mentioned that increasing the limit was the huge ask for a long time from their partners. Now they have responded to their partners by doubling the limits. The marketing enterprise customers can now enjoy a doubled limit in the workflow, lists, reports and lot more. By increasing the limits they are trying to make sure the limitation in the marketing efforts of their partners should be their imagination

4. Customer Events

With the feature customer events, you can track a specific action of your customer on your website, software, and apps. With this advanced activity-tracking feature you can implement marketing plans based on how people use your website, software, and apps. You can track customer logins, logout, add to cart, etc with the help of this new feature. You can segment your customer based on these actions, you can create campaigns based on these actions, etc. All these are possible only with HubSpot marketing enterprise new feature customer events

Above mentioned are the latest additions to the HubSpot marketing enterprise features. As per the Winter 2020 Grid Report of, HubSpot outranks all other marketing solution platforms available in the market. HubSpot wants to give its partners what rarely available in the current market, a powerful marketing solution tool with easy to use UI. By delivering innovative tools the provides more insight into their customer behavior, HubSpot helps companies and agencies to make better marketing decisions at the right time possible.

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